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September 12, 2021

The Future of this Blog

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Update: this site has now returned to its free version at https://louisproyect.wordpress.com … i do not know how much longer https://louisproyect.org will redirect to this new address. The old address went defunct on June 7. So if you had troubles connecting the last couple, apologies. We had been told the changeover would happen gracefully. C’est la vie.

Now that this is no longer a Premium site, perhaps certain features will no longer work. I’ll monitor the Comments section for reports of problems.

Les 6/9/22

Just to let readers of Lou’s Blog know: Lou made arrangements for WordPress to host this site as a Premium blog up till May 2022.

After that time, Unrepentant Marxist will be available, for all time according to WordPress.com, at the following address https://louisproyect.wordpress.com/, while the address you normally use, https://louisproyect.org will no longer function. From now until May 2022 both links will work equally well. After May 2022, whatever Premium features Lou used in his blog posts will not be available. I will try to sort out if such Premium features are in use.

Les Schaffer

note added: 2/23/22

1. i see some of the Vimeo videos Lou included in his blog are not showing up at Vimeo any more. i will have to look into this disappearance.

2. i cleared out the queue of comments going back to last August. I apologize for the delay, particularly to those who wanted to pay their respects to Lou. I didn’t realize comments were moderated for those that have not posted here before.

many of the comments i approved. some i just deleted. i do not have time to sort through peoples’ anger and frustration with Lou long enough to decide if a comment is worth approving. in the future if comments clearly (and quickly) add something to an old discussion i will approve them. otherwise, its probably time, now that Lou is gone, to find another venue for your thoughts on his shortcomings as you see them.

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