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January 19, 2015

Ernie Tate and Isaac Deutscher

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(I am loving every word of Ernie Tate’s memoir but especially this account of a squaring off at Deutscher’s home. If you know Ernie, as has been my privilege, this is an exquisite moment that really expresses the thread that runs through the two volumes, namely a working-class guy from northern Ireland interjecting himself into a world of intellectuals on the left, sometimes too smart for their own good.)

Isaac Deutscher

I remember once when he made a few disparaging comments in my company about the Fourth International, that I took to be a questioning of its very existence and which got my back up a little, I faced him directly on the issue, sort of poking fun at what he was saying. I posed a hypothetical situation to him, that of an imaginary apolitical young worker, who after reading a Deutscher book, for example, might become convinced of the need for socialism and shows up on Deutscher’s doorstep to ask him advice about what he, the young worker, should do to help bring about this fundamental change. For me, I said, I wouldn’t hesitate a moment because from what I knew from history, without their own organization, workers won’t get anywhere and I would tell the young worker to join my group as the first step in trying to build such an organization which could help lead workers in transforming society. What would you tell the young worker? I asked him, and I knew I was appealing to his background as an active revolutionary leader, of which I knew he felt proud. Momentarily, he looked a little bit non-plussed, probably thinking that I had a bit of a nerve challenging him like that, but he came back, surprisingly, saying he would recommend the same thing. Better that than nothing, he said, in a sort of backhanded compliment.

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