Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

October 29, 2010

A nice compliment from Alexander Cockburn

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Not Todd Gitlin, despite the flag


Who says these days that in the last analysis, the only way to change the status quo and challenge the Money Power of Wall St is to overthrow the government by force? That isn’t some old Trotskyist lag like Louis Proyect, dozing on the dungheap of history like Odysseus’ lice-ridden old hound Argos, woofing with alarm as the shadow of a new idea darkens the threshold.

This is the kindest thing I have heard from a Nation Magazine writer ever since Marc Cooper called me a “prolific buffoon”. I only wish I had place for it on my blog like Doug Henwood put on LBO:

“You’re scum…sick and twisted…it’s tragic you exist.” – former Wall Street Journal executive editor Norman Pearlstine, who has gone on to great things at Time Inc.

I should add that I spotted Alex’s fulmination not 5 minutes after sending in $25 to the Counterpunch fund-drive.

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