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March 25, 2020

Use of proxy servers is strictly banned

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I understand that some of you like to post from proxy servers in coffee shops, etc., but unless you use an IP address assigned to the router from Verizon or Spectrum, etc., you are wasting your time. Also, don’t bother using a server in Cambodia.

I realize that VPN’s are key to posting in places like Iran and China, but nobody who has ever used one here was trying to avoid repression. Instead, they serve as some kind of shield that allows the user to avoid detection, I guess. As if I give a shit. To tell you the truth, it is not that I mind the personal attacks that usually comes from these sources. It is instead the refusal to be on the level. With so much anonymity polluting Twitter, the last thing I need is bogus names and IP addresses here.

So don’t waste your time or mine.

February 15, 2020

Head’s up to trolls

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I have made it clear in the past and will repeat it now. If you use a proxy server, you will get the boot. In the 15 years this blog has been in existence, I have had nothing but trouble with people using this technology. For some reason, using it brings out the worst in people. I have no idea why they bother since a regular IP address will not help me track you down in order to punch you in the nose. An IP address is as confidential as an unlisted telephone number.

In many blogs, you need a legitimate email address to post comments. WordPress.com does not allow this and it doesn’t pay to upgrade my blog to take advantage of it. Frankly, I don’t even care if you use some bullshit name and email address like “Janet Avery”. And I even care less if you come here to abuse me for living on the upper east side of Manhattan or whatever sick obsession you have. I am as thick-skinned as a rhinoceros. Just don’t USE A FUCKING PROXY SERVER.

Here, btw, is the report on the proxy IP address this jackass was using:

January 11, 2020

A head’s up to stalkers and trolls

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Apparently the idiot who I banned for using a Cambodia IP address has tried to write the same kind of personalized attacks with a new email and IP address: atariram@gmail.com / I don’t mind the personalized attacks about living on the Upper East Side, etc. as much as I do the bogus credentials. Each time you post comments to this blog for the first time, they are held in a moderator’s queue. From now on, I will be running a new IP address through a proxy checker to make sure it is valid. Here’s the results from the obsessed, pathetic idiot who has no life apparently except for lodging Vyshinsky type accusations against me as an enemy of the people.


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