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I offer some suggestions to people who think they have some comment to make here.

First and foremost, I am not really interested in debating, especially over “acid test” questions that preoccupy the sectarian left. In other words, if you think I am a renegade from Marxism, you are wasting your time trying to “expose” me here. I am not in the habit of commenting on blogs that I am hostile to and would expect those hostile to mine to look elsewhere to play Lenin to my Kautsky, or Trotsky to my Max Shachtman. Especially since I am not aspiring to be the leader of a socialist movement in the twilight of my life. I say what I want when I want. This blog allows me to blow off some steam and that’s about it.

The best way to look at the Unrepentant Marxist is to imagine yourself having a conversation with him in a coffee shop on campus or at a cocktail party. How long would you expect a conversation to go on if you told me that I am a tool of the CIA or a ZioNazi, etc.? I have better things to do with my life than get into a pissing contest with someone who feels that way, and hope that those inclined to pick a fight with me would find a better use of their time and energy.

On the other hand, if you have something interesting to say, I would hope that you would share it especially if you are trying to attract readers to your own blog. I launched the Unrepentant Marxist in July 2004 and have generated over 5 million views since its inception. Commenting intelligently on one of my articles will almost certainly create interest in your own blog. More to the point, you will be spared my nastiness and a hasty exit.

Finally, on a technical/political matter, do not use a proxy server if you want your comment to be released from the administrator’s queue. Over the years, I have learned that proxy servers are used by trolls who stalk me so I had to put a wall between these sad, sick souls and me.

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