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December 26, 2016

Syria: Can Any Capitalist Force Provide a Solution?

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Can any capitalist regime help the masses of Syrian people? That is the question of the hour. Some, incredibly including some socialists, believe so. They base this belief on the view that the one …

Source: Syria: Can Any Capitalist Force Provide a Solution?


  1. I see that a Ceasefire for Syria was announced earlier todaj. I really doubt that much good will come of it. It will just be a period of rearming and rebuilding defensive positions. If it were up to me, the way that I would solve the problems of Syria the whole region for that matter is to tell the leaders of Turkey and Iran that they have to form a unified military command structure. After that this unified command must coordinate the invasion of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and non Armenian Azerbiajan. After that they have to recognize an Autonomous Kurdistan with a bit of territory carved out of Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria followed by elections in this Kurdish region under the supervision.of the unified command structure. After that Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan, Syria, Azerbijan, and Lebanon must form a new international organization to manage the intergration of their countries. If the leaders of Iran and Turkey fail to meet at least 2/3s of my demands I will be really really pissed off because it will show that these leaders are not serious about appreciating their blessings. I will be so pissed that I will nuke Athens and Syracuse.
    Now I can just hear leftist skeptiks saying that plan is so Laaaaaaaame. It has nothing to do with socialism nothing to do with class analysis. And my answer is big fahrting deal. Leftist always make so much of their international solidarity. This plan will give them a chance to put their bodies where their mouth is.
    The first step is to unify the region. The second step is for people with sense to make connections across the region and try to move it in a secular socialist direction, OR to move ISLAM in the direction of economic justice, and reasonable amount of tolerance for ,dissenters such as Bahias, the LGBT community
    and Wiccans among others. But look If they do not have any tolerance for those who want to gas Jews, those who want to legalize Heroin, or those who support a gold standard for the currency, or for those who think that gold mining should be a legal activity I will not complain.

    By the way, Did you see that comma just disappear? At first it was there and then poof it was just gone! That was wierd if you ask me

    Comment by Curt Kastens — December 29, 2016 @ 4:29 pm

  2. Smyrna I really screwed that up. I wish that it were possible for me to change Syracuse for Smyrna. That was the city I meant all along but I could not quite come up with it. As long as i am here I should mention that I have no problem with gassing the Israeli political leadership. That would actually be a fate must more merciful than what they deserve. If we want to go there we have to start with water boarding them with sulpheric acid for a few days than covering them with honey and staking them out next to a large colony of flesh eating ants. That will give them a taste of their own medicine. But it should not be forgotten that the Israelis, like the Saudi royal family are only pawns of the Americans. So if that is the punishment appropriate for the Israeli political leadership it is hard to come up with one that would be appropriate for the American political leadership.

    Comment by Curt Kastens — January 1, 2017 @ 10:46 pm

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