Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

June 5, 2020

Reflections on my COVID-19 antibodies

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The last couple of months leading up to a Quest serology test that yielded “positive” antibodies for COVID-19 have been a roller coaster ride. Take a seat in the car behind me, strap yourself in, and let me recount a story that Agatha Christie might have written.

The tale began last October when I suffered through bronchitis for most of the month. This viral infection of the bronchial tubes is just another illness to which geezers like me are susceptible. It is usually not fatal but can lead to hospitalization. After recovering, I began taking measures to avoid getting sick again. They included using Purell, avoiding touching my face, and all the other defenses that should prevent exposure to any virus, including COVID-19. Being ahead of the curve, how the hell did I end up with antibodies?

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  1. So the Covid19 is as dangerous as a puff adder?
    Puff adder has a 52% mortality rate, most hard studies done on Corona show that it has about .02% death rate, about ssme as flu.
    I still don’t understand why the so-called revolutionary Marxist and other so-called revolutionaries on the left feel like it is their duty to protect the government fascist covid-19 lies. really don’t get it..Most of the people who get it won’t display symptoms.
    Most of the people who display symptoms will only be mildly sick.
    Most of the people with severe symptoms will never be critically ill.
    And most of the people who get critically ill will survive.

    Comment by Turret — June 5, 2020 @ 8:40 pm

  2. Wow. I bet Turret is also a 911 Truther and an Assadist. 911 Truthism, support for Assad and COVID-19 denialism go together like cookies and milk. As for puff adders, they have an antidote for its venom but for someone like me, there is no cure–not even Hydroxychloroquine.

    Comment by louisproyect — June 5, 2020 @ 9:14 pm

  3. I just lost a Facebook friend who keeps insisting that Antifa is the way and the life–that it’s just another word for antifascism, etc. In reality, it’s a vicious ultraleft irrelevancy that has failed utterly and has no role to play in the current (we hope) burgeoning people’s movement, which owes nothing to it and does not require its alleged protection.

    The love of lies because they are lies is a deep-rooted scourge. Perhaps the courageous but otherwise irrelevant Zygmunt Bauman might have theorized on that if he had lived.

    Comment by Farans Kalosar — June 6, 2020 @ 7:27 pm

  4. “Truther” Well yes I demand Truth and facts that could be verified and held up in court before I submit to neo-liberal fascism. I am crazy like that.
    ” Assadist ” I have no idea what that means, so I wont touch it.

    I wont try to force or offer hard facts or data down the throat of some one who is convinced a minor flu deserves the mass sacrifice of civil rights and economic safety- and which will only benefit corporations and power hungry politicians.
    Some one like that is either in on the lie or too obtuse to see it.

    Comment by TURRET — June 7, 2020 @ 1:16 am

  5. Over 110,000 have snuffed it in the US this year because of this “minor flu.” Oh–that number is fake news generated by a Deep State fascist conspiracy. My bad.

    I find the use of “fascist” here highly illuminating, as it illustrates exactly what is wrong with the assumption that antifascism–even minus the Black Bloc stupidity–is the all the Left knows or needs to know, and the hell with a class outlook and a detailed reading of history.

    I.e., just look for the fascist conspiracy and you can’t go wrong.

    So here we are in the post-Floyd era and James Mattis, John Kelly, Bush Junior, and Colin Powell are all crying out against Trump.

    Suddenly it’s Ken Burns world. Just stir in a little baseball and jazz and maybe a Good War or two and presto!! Everything is OK. Thank you for your service, sirs (slurp). The great overarching liberal narrative has come full circle. These “men of goodwill” have opposed fascism–so how can we oppose them?

    They’re our esteemed “colleagues across the aisle.” We must engage in a “conversation” with them. And by the way–isn’t that Bob Mueller handsome?

    Woe betide any leftwing nut who tries to resist the whelming tide of centrism.

    I’m immensely grateful for the George Floyd protest wave and support the generally peaceful character of the protests. I’ve risked my own health to participate. The people are speaking now and it’s impressive and thank Gob I’m just one leaf of grass in the midst of it.

    But this sudden explosion of liberalism–hey, we all agree to preserve the Constitution!–could be the perfect vector of counter-revolution, which can easily change hats whenever it wants to.

    America may be about to fall for this crap big time, largely because when most self-identified leftists in this country stop saying “fascist” they don’t have anything else to say and don’t know how to be usefully angry about anything.

    Comment by Farans Kalosar — June 7, 2020 @ 8:09 pm

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