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January 22, 2018

Northern Syria: Massive ethnic cleansing, humanitarian catastrophe, foreign intervention and betrayal

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via Northern Syria: Massive ethnic cleansing, humanitarian catastrophe, foreign intervention and betrayal


  1. FSA rebel officials and commanders interviewed by the Guardian say Turkey has helped them train thousands of fighters who could form the core of a unified rebel army, providing a lifeline in their battle against Assad. They say a victory in Afrin would open a ground corridor into Idlib province, controlled by HTS and under regime assault, allowing them to launch a full-scale attack to purge al-Qaida from the area.<<<

    I hate war, and it is hard to see our Australian friend, Michael Karadjis, in such a painful conundrum. I think we all are feeling the same. He has done much to inform us of the Syria revolution, and is one of my most important sources. And he is taking a principled stand, beckoning a future promise to himself that if the situation was reversed, he would support the Kurds if they were attacked by the FSA. But I never made such a promise, and I never forgave the PYD leadership for their part in the fall of Aleppo and other betrayals.

    I remember reports early on of the Kurdish people being enthusiastic about the revolution. I also remember the deadly power struggle where revolutionary Kurdish leaders were killed or silenced by those now holding PYD leadership whose sole priority was separatism and not the revolution. And since then the alliance with Assad. It is my understanding that the FSA over the years has made appeals to the Kurds to join them. So the Kurdish people can always return to the fold. The battle hardened YPG rank and file can always change their leadership. But what I see is the PYD in firm control…

    The above paragraph is extracted from a Guardian article which gives a rare glimse into FSA strategic thinking, and their alliance with Turkey. It is true there is much justified personal animosity by the FSA against the PYD. However, the PYD continues to actively threaten the revolution, to prevent FSA's ability to reinforce and help the Syrians in Idlib who maintain resistance against Assad and sectarian Islamic rebels. The PYD would love nothing more than for an Assad victory in Idlib. I understand the FSA internal dilemma of helping Turkey's interests and perhaps they are gambling too much. But their strategic goals are sound, they arre still focused on the revolution.

    So unfortunately I have to diverge from Michael's position, friend, and hopefully for only a little while…

    Comment by seaspan — January 26, 2018 @ 5:01 pm

  2. http://www.europe-solidaire.org/spip.php?article42976

    Comment by Tony — February 1, 2018 @ 5:54 pm

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