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May 4, 2017

A moment of truth on Democracy Now

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    Anand Gopal built his career as a writer with on the ground reporting from Afghanistan where he embedded with the Taliban. He gave some insight into their motivations.

    Anand Gopal is now a shill for the U.S. “regime change” crimes in Syria. He is also attempting to justify the existence and crimes of ISIS by attributing those to a “legit” motivation. That is a convenient excuse for those who join ISIS.

    People joined ISIS because of the “sheer brutality of the Assad regime” Gopal asserts. They joined ISIS in Iraq, in Libya, in Mali and Afghanistan for the “sheer brutality of the Assad regime”? They blew themselves up in Paris, London and elsewhere for the “sheer brutality of the Assad regime”? That claim is obviously not only simplistic but utter nonsense.

    There is however reason to believe that people joined ISIS in Syria is because the “western” media hyped ISIS by promulgating its propaganda, found excuses for its crimes and because Anand Gopal lured them by explaining how to travel to Syria to join ISIS:

    Comment by Elizabeth Ardley — May 7, 2017 @ 9:54 am

  2. People joined ISIS because of the “sheer brutality of the Assad regime” Gopal asserts. They joined ISIS in Iraq, in Libya, in Mali and Afghanistan for the “sheer brutality of the Assad regime”?

    Do you think people will not listen to Gopal’s words? He distinctly referred to why Syrians joined ISIS, not provide an analysis of ISIS in general. As I already told the morons on Moon of Alabama who attempted the same sort of character assassination as you, his analysis of the origins and dynamic of ISIS is shared by most scholars even if the conspiracists at Global Research et al et al share your views:


    Comment by louisproyect — May 7, 2017 @ 1:16 pm

  3. I think I prefer to go with slightly better informed people. This from Newsweek for starters:

    “But more and more evidence shows that the young Syrian men who decide to join these groups do so not on the basis of religious motivation, but to fulfil far more basic needs.

    With little prospect of employment, the closure of borders with neighboring countries, and the need to provide for themselves and their families, for many men inside Syria the wages offered by armed groups is incentive enough to join the fight……

    Many of the young Syrians we interviewed in Lebanon spoke of their experiences as a refugee as a major factor contributing to the decision to go back to Syria and fight. Young men in particular felt trapped, hopeless and angry. Joining a group like ISIS offers a sense of purpose, control over one’s life and a means to channel anger……

    “Many Syrians want to get revenge against the regime for destroying their families, houses, lives and everything else. Jabat al-Nusra actually fights the regime and now offers the best chance to get that revenge.”

    It is important to point out here that the recruitment tactics of Jabat al-Nusra inside Syria differ markedly from those of ISIS. The Syrian people that we spoke to in our research often, though not exclusively, spoke about ISIS as an illegitimate foreign force to be derided and feared. Jabat al-Nusra on the other hand is embedded within communities, providing protection and basic services….

    One thing that all armed groups take advantage of is the complete collapse of the education system inside Syria. UNICEF estimates that one in four schools inside Syria is no longer operational, with contested areas most heavily impacted. This means children have no safe space to go to that offers a structure, positive role models and a chance to process trauma. Armed groups exploit this gap by setting up their own education systems that reinforce sectarian divisions and legitimise violence. For many of the boys attending these “schools”, a future as a fighter seems inevitable.


    Comment by Elizabeth Ardley — May 7, 2017 @ 8:58 pm

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