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September 19, 2005

Marc Cooper lurches even further rightward

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Today Marc Cooper proudly announced on his blog (http://www.marccooper.com/) that he is being named advisory editor of a prowar journal called “Democratiya”.
Announcing “Democratiya”
I’m happy to join in announcing the official birth of “Democratiya” — a free bi-monthly online review of books.
I’m even happier to be among the advisory editors who are united in a belief that an internationalist Left has a crucial role to play in a troubled world.
Please take a read of this inaugural issue.
A fellow named “resistor” provided some commentary on the editorial company that Cooper will be keeping:
Alan Johnson is a Trotskyist apologist for the occupation, recently split from the Trotskyist-Zionist (yes there’s one!) groupuscule the Alliance for Workers Liberty whose leader is the bizarre sectarian Sean Matgamna
90% of the Advisory Editors are supporters of the war on Iraq
A few examples
Dr David Hirsh, Goldsmiths College, University of London
Leads the campaign against boycotting Israeli universities – doesn’t seem too bothered about the Palestinians though
Paul Anderson, City University, London
I’ve met him – admits working for the British Foreign Office, very pro-war
Jane Ashworth, Project Director, Engage
Another ex-AWL trot
Harry Barnes, Joint President, Labour Friends of Iraq
Naive MP formerly anti-war, now under the influence of Johnson and Ashworth
Nick Cohen, Journalist and Author
Rabidly pro-war and now in favour of elitist education – drinks like Hitchens
Linda Grant, Novelist and Journalist
wrote article for the Guardian promoting the Jabotinsky ‘Iron Wall’ solution for the Palestinians
Johann Hari, The Independent
very pro-war, once boasted in the Guardian that he’d slept with a nazi and a muslim fundamentalist
Christopher Hitchens, The New School, New York
Need I say any more?
Quintin Hoare, Director, The Bosnian Institute
Pro war in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo
Dr Marko Attila Hoare, The University of Cambridge
Pro war in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo – used to be allied to the lunatic Trotskist group the Workers Revolutioary Party
George Howarth MP
A nobody in british politics
John Lloyd, Editor, The Financial Times Magazine
A really nasty customer. Formerly a leading member of the British and Irish Communist Organisation who were ultra-Stalinist but supported the Unionists in Northern Ireland (nicknamed British and Irish Communist Orangemen) Lloyd appeared on BBC once defending discrimination againmst Catholics as they were ‘disloyal’
Branka Magaš, The Bosnian Institute
Pro war in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo
Kenan Makiya, Brandeis University
Another Trot
Professor Martin Shaw, University of Sussex
Pro war in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo – best known for running a campaign against John Pilger
Francis Wheen, Journalist and Author
Mate of Hitchens – has no political credibility
Nice company you’re in Marc

Apparently, Cooper is for democracy in Iraq but not on his own blog. When confronted by this powerful analysis of the forces behind this online journal, he advised resistor: “Resistor: rr time here is about up. Either use the space given you to make some interesting arguments or leave. thank you very muh. Im not going to pay bandwith for you to continually DENOUNCE all those who are not as pure as you. In any case, I’m sure you have little extra time seeing as how you need to be out there resisting.”

The same exact processes that has led Hitchens to break with the left are now operating on Marc Cooper, who was Salvador Allende’s translator and a fairly cogent left-liberal journalist for a number of years. The wars in Yugoslavia and Iraq have created enormous pressures on some liberal journalists who have to walk a professional tightrope. On one hand, they have to maintain some kind of credibility with the sort of person who reads the Nation Magazine. On the other, they are part of social milieu that tends to see things in terms of preserving the national interest of the United States. If this means pulling out of Iraq–eventually–because it leads to further instability, then they will support this position as do erstwhile supporters of the war like George Packer, who writes for the quintessentially yuppie publication, the New Yorker Magazine. On the other hand, if this means supporting the war to rid the world of “Islamofascists”, they will take the route of Christopher Hitchens. Cooper appears poised to fall off the tightrope into Hitchens’s camp.

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